One of the first (if not the first) MAZE game

The first two levels are the tutorial, and after that there are stuff that gets introduced to you. The arrow keys are used to navigate

Grazer, if you can, put a copy of this game into my account so i can make a mobile version featuring different levels without starting over.


Give me feedback and suggestions!

very nice - I like the difficulty ramp you have


@grazer, do you think you can copy Origami warz for me? Im going to try to make a mobile version for my friends

Hey jngthree - I have copied both the maze game and Origami Warz into your account.


Origami Warz mobile is live!

@grazer, there is a bug. The mobile version, is using my desktop version. can you fix it? the copy U made was what i used to make the mobile build

and instead of using that build, it used the desktop version

I havent made the mobile version of tower climber, butim suspecting that will happen too