One Simple Logic Gate

We need a NOT gate, Because using a NOR or a NAND for a simple task is to much work and sometimes takes up to much space.


Connect something into the [A] and [B] inputs of a [NAND] gate. It should act like a NOT gate. Example: If the inputs are on, output’s off. If the inputs are off, output’s on.

I just realized you’re asking for a NOT gate because it takes up too much space. But I still feel like this is a solution, since it’s just one behavior. In which case, if there WAS a NOT gate, it would take up the same amount of space anyways.

NANDs work almost exactly like a NOT gate. And they don’t take up any space. They’re literally 1 behavior. I don’t see what you mean when you say that it takes up too much space.

Not just uses a single input, it should be the same for using a single input for Nor or using both inputs for Nand. Not could also be demonstrated with a Switch.


I know that using a NOR and NAND is good and all and easy but ya know a not gate just to finish the collection of gates

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