online multiplayer?

@grazer do you have a release date for online multiplayer?i want to make a local and online co-op update to my game Crazybots

These games don’t even support save files. It’s still a beta program. You can do 2 players on 1 screen, though, but not split screen.

@Mhx Air save files would be nice too.what i’d want most of all is xbox export,but it’s never gonna happen.

Sorenof, I agree that it isn’t likely to happen any time soon - but console support isn;t 100% out of the question. Flowlab is built using Haxe, and there is an xbox target in the works for it. Who knows how practical it would be though, since getting a game onto console hardware is a very expensive proposition.

As for online multiplayer, I haven’t even started on this yet - there are several features that are higher priority.

Man,Id love to port my game,Crazybots,to Xbox One.