Online Racing game in development!

Hello! ShadowGaming and I decided to form a team and he and I are turning his game (super blocky racing) Into an online multiplayer. If you have any requests that haven’t been added comment below. Thank you! No memes allowed. NO comments under 10 characters, I will report anyone who does. If i even see one thing off topic ill report that too.


Hmmm… If it’s going to be online, maybe your team could add a mechanic for jumping on other people (slowing down, damaging, jump boost for jumping player)? I think that’d be a cool thing to add.


I love those ideas! Thank you for the feedback. I will tell my team.

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We currently have a jump boost btw.

looking forward to it!

Also: if you can’t find enough players it should automatically add in some ai (so you don’t have to delete them)


Yes, I love that idea thanks!

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@ShadowGaming Here is the ideas you might want to consider adding. I can work on the level design later.

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okay coolio

Hmmmm, really, only shadowgaming and you huh. Nvm

Im on the team as well just not very active at the moment

not this team, the offline game team, this is a new online game team

hmm, i thought he added you.

Oh I see Why not use the base game for this though?

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what do you mean?

You could use the base sbr game and add multiplayer to that so you dont have to re create most of the original

you see i thought about that at first, but its too complicated and i dont want too many objects in one single game because its hard to find them, etc.

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ah(Grazer is this charecter thing really nessicary

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Copy one of your games embedded codes and paste it in a short sentence to pass the character limit

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Anyway I can’t wait to see this game in multiplayer. That would be super cool if we could enter our own names (with the new update) and we can all clash against each other in the race of the ages, lol.

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