Only One Way (Update)

I am coming up with a new and improved maze-like and hard map for the game to make it more like an adventure game. The regular items (Sword, torch, coins, and keys) will stay the same but the potion will be updated.

Update content:
Shield (Decrease monster attacks)
Undead Warrior (Zombie like creature)
Blue Slime (Faster than regular and more health)
New maze-like map

If anyone has any ideas about the game, let me know.

Also, anyone who played the first map shall be mentioned in the forum for being a Beta Tester and will be mentioned in the game.

SirChicken is a |Beta Tester| and gave me idea for shield. Here is his game:

Hey @SomeGuy542, if you want, you can put a link in my discussion, Bored Reviews: , and you will get a like on your game and I will review it for you!

“The more opinions, the greater the outcome!” -rcreger

The game is still in update so, but the new map is on separate level.

This is a really GG, highly suggest for anyone else to play.


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