Open source pixelated circles

I would like some one to make me perfect pixelated circles in 8-bit for my game
I would like one to be 8 by 8 grid using the format same with the other to 10 by 10 and 12 by 12
All with a black outline and transparent inside or white
If some one helps me with this ill will be most appreciated and will add your name in the credits of my game for helping with the art
Also i am really good at pixel art but Im terrible at making round symmetrical things so please help

Also you can just add the picture in your comment


Yes i have been practicing my role playing technique lol

But plz still help

@PixelPizza @F3Art @tertre @“Baron Wasteland”

The only ones i know who are good at pixel art
According to your game though

Use softwares with a circle tool, like piskel and/or aseprite (what I use) :slight_smile:

I would put i don’t have a software Im on school iPad

Unless if there is any web sites that do that

i used to make circles before I started using other websites. i just drew a square and chipped away and adjusted the corners until it looked right. if you have edu, indie, or studio edition i would suggest just using the circle tool on a pixel art website and importing it.

I tried every website doesnt have that tool and if it does I cant even export it

Also i ask for someone to make me them not ask for people to tell me to use websites that dont work and Im on a school iPad some Im definitely limited, so why cant you make one like really quick and just post it so I can use it please

Bro I just said very thing is pretty much blocked Im on a school iPad also read the message above you please

dang, even pixelart
Screenshot 2020-08-27 at 7.17.17 PM

Yeah I dont know why I wish I could use it because I know its realy good

Also that is to big the pixel size I mean is to big

It needs to be 8-bit but 10 12 and 8 grids long

2020-08-28 (13)

Is this the right size? I hope it helps

If it’s not the right size btw just click on this link and you can copy the photo, I think if u want small these should be small enough

oh and also is you want to see the size of the circle in the pic just click this link to my game and see it on page 3 don’t know why i put it there though

Now I gtg i have a test byeeee