Opening links?

So in my game i’d like to play a silly joke on my friend by having it open 16 tabs of youtube playing the fax machine sound effect. He’s expecting something like that so we’re cool with it but when i went to execute my plan it only opened one tab when it should have opened 16. Help?
Its the GREEN SQUARE has it so this is impossible but you can do this and its just as annoying hook the once to a timer to the link it will make tabs open every second or every 1/10 of a second if you want to crash there pc.

Opening a new link replaces the old one, it won’t keep opening new ones, sry :frowning:

Thanks Bestotted <3

@grazer I tried it seems to keep opening links.


It may depend on your browser settings, YMMV :slight_smile:

Fun story, doesn’t answer your question.
[spoiler] You think that is funny? I used to know a few JavaScript codes that would close your browser, and shutdown your computer. Back in the good old days, I used to have this script on my website, and it says do not click, and when you click it turns off your computer or it closes your browser. Doesn’t work anymore on new computers, that was back in Old 2004 or something like that. Too much security now. Now you need a .bat to run the shutdown command. Another good prank was to write a bat command, make a shortcut of it, and replace all of the Internet Explorer icons in the school with shortcuts to the bat. It would be funny to watch people struggle to try to get on Internet Explorer because they don’t understand that they keep clicking a bat file and shutting down the computer. Also it would make a very loud high pitch beep tone so they thought the computer was messed up. I had a bat on my flash drive, that would automatically install and replace the shortcut when I plugged it in. So I would just go computer to computer plugging in the flash drive and replacing Internet Explorer. The school thought it was a huge virus, and ended up having someone install Windows completely fresh all over again on every computer and the whole school, just out of fear and precaution. Probably the best prank I did. Since they had to reinstall Windows on every computer, since they didn’t know what it was, they didn’t install the school security for a few months, so we were able to go on YouTube and play games on the computers, until they ended up putting up the firewall. Good times, good times. Only 1/1,000 people at my school knew anything about computers, aside from turning them on and using google. I got away with a lot of good pranks. [/spoiler]

Possible answer to your question.
[spoiler] Make a website with an embeded script that echoes opening tabs of the youtube video, or embed the youtube video 16 times on the site. You can make a free site on Weebly, but the video isn’t going to play if you don’t click the videos. You’d be better off downloading the sound from the video, and using it in your game directly.

@“Mhx Ar” if you joined my discord, thats instant hall-of-game material right there…

I did that once too XD but only in the School’s Library Computers… I created about 5 .bat files with different names… every single one with different codes and everything… It was so fun… and I always added the %random% to make them look like matrix. People and teachers got so scared

All I did was take peoples desktops if they forgot to log out (we do domain systems now), create a folder, screencap it, hide all of the icons in that folder, and set the screencap as the background.

It was so funny watching people trying to open chrome…

Another thing Id do is, when someone wasnt looking, Id sneek a micro-transmitter into their USB, then from a distance, flail their cursor all over the place with my wireless mouse while they were busy.

@“Mhx Ar” if you send me the coding to that drive I will do the same…


[spoiler] Oh I don’t have the flashdrive anymore. It actually ended up getting a real virus that killed firewalls, so the school got infected with real viruses too lol. It was a 2GB drive that I used to download and transfer files on back when I did PSP homebrew. No idea what happened to it, but 2GB was a big deal back then. Now we have 2TB, which is 1,000x better. I have tons of school shenanigan stories. I was popular for being infamous, like Robin Hood. I even used the school’s own wiring to turn the computer lab into a Midnight Club / Counterstrike LAN room, and they couldn’t see our screens and turn off our computers, because I had the bat disable their admin program when it loaded the game. Needless to say, the staff hated me as much as the students loved me. I gave all that up when I started actually making games, but they thought I was coding more tools for mischief when I was just writing LUA for PSP. Can’t convince anyone when you’re doing nothing wrong if you have a bad rep \( ? ?? ?)/


Lol you guys are great, I appreciate you all

wow dang I just tried this on chrome and it barely opens up links microsoft edge will just destroy your browser with links