Operation Delete - New Animations Update!

Hi, Operation Delete was mine and @JR01 's entries, with the help of my friends Luis and Izi.
We hope you like it!

Game Link: Flowlab Game Creator - Operation Delete

This game is more like a demo; it’s playable and “completable”, but it’s kinda missing a lot :smile:
We didn’t have time to finish everything, but oh well, it happens. No need to be sorry about it.
We will for sure love to update this game after the jam!


Operation Delete Jam GIF

Your PC is running out of space due to a weird virus infecting and duplicating your files!
Delete all the infected files, and carry the good files to the external Disk before the bomb explodes!

Game Link: Flowlab Game Creator - Operation Delete


Use WASD to move.
Use Mouse-Click or press Space to shoot!

Use E to select and save files!

Press F for fullscreen.

Some assets were used from the “UI Asset Pack - by Samuel Tomé”

If you played it, lets us know what you think :blush:


Very fun game, great graphics, UI, use of theme, etc. The only thing I could say I would complain about is the difficulty - maybe a setting for that?


I really liked this one, a great game again from the two of you… and Luis and Izi.


First thing I thought of since I was rewatching Death Note today


Thanks yall, glad you liked it! @Bmarzi @rcreger @John_Shrekinson
Yea the game is a bit difficult ahah


The art looks great and the coding (what I can see of it anyway) looks nice and streamlined. Only question I have is where you managed to find infected .pdf files


Hey! I updated the game to fix some crucial bugs (like getting stuck on levels, on specific outcomes), added/improved some SFX, and lowered the enemies’ HP.

Game Link: Flowlab Game Creator - Operation Delete

Have at it again, the game is easier and more fun now.
Let me know if you find any issues or have any feedback!


Hey! Finally had the motivation to work and finish the new player animations!
gun reload

Operation Delete - Animations update v.1.2 is now live!

There are plenty of new sprites (like the new PC screen and background), and the player animations are so much closer to what I initially had in mind.
This game was way too ambitious for my timeframe, for sure ahah.

Try it out and lemme know what you think :blush:


Pizza, you are terrifyingly good at making these intricate characters with their movement systems, animations etc. I tried the game yesterday amid the update and realized just how much goes into… everything. Reduced speed when moving backwards… ok, speed reduced when firing… not reduced when going forward? strafing has slower speed??? how???

Really awesome game here, all your games including this one feel like they’re pushing the ceiling of what’s possible in flowlab further. Keep up the good work!!