Opini DevLog / Feedback Page V0.0.13 PRE_ALPHA

Game: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1301581 (Remember it is really early and there isnt a lot of gameplay. Most work done has been behind the scenes and gameplay will be later down the line)
This discussion is for dev logs, feedback, ideas, requests, and any comment you have on the game and its development. Please note that this is not a place to advertise your own games or to ask for help, there are other places meant for those topics on the forums. Updates will also be listed here as well as the patch number. I am currently working on this project alone but am willing to let others into the project. If you want to help out contact me on discord, that information is at the bottom of the post.

This game is my take on the concept of purgatory, which is a realm stuck between the living and heaven. A place where lost souls are to wait until they face their final judgement. You play as one of the many lost souls in this realm, with no memory of the life you had lived, what you had done, and how long you have to wait.

Known Bugs:
*Second chrystal teleports you back to the start of the second area, should be fixed once more areas are added. Fixed with help from @“JR 01”
*Small sound glitches when rapidly changing volume right after pausing, and some easing conflict.

*Movement engine complete
*Basic tileset complete
*Game progression system complete
*Chest animations complete
*Temporary title screen complete
*Title screen music complete


Images for 0.0.01 PRE_ALPHA can be found in the discord.

0.0.11 PRE_ALPHA (Small Changes)
*Pause button added
*Pause effects added
*Teleportation glitch fixed


Images for 0.0.011 PRE_ALPHA can be found in the discord.

0.0.12 PRE_ALPHA (QOL Changes)
*Smoother movement
*Smoother level transition
*When game is paused a volume slider comes up
*Four sound settings: high, medium, low, and none


0.0.13 PRE_ALPHA (Items)
*Items now have a chance to spawn from chests
*Island 4 created


Needs Work: *Overworld music *Item implementation (Being worked on) *More tiles *Enemies *Lore? ___________________________________________________________

You are afraid to suffer, but it were better to thank God for it, since the more you undergo down here, the less you will endure above. Grief is a portion of one’s heritage taken in advance from Purgatory.

–Saint Lydwine of Schiedam

Any and all feedback is appreciated as well as suggestions, requests, etc. If you want to help with anything please contact me on discord Carbot#2669
I also have a discord server specifically for this project witch can be joined with this link

What a great concept! So far I’m intrigued with no real feedback. I could only get to the 2nd “level”. Is that all that’s been developed so far? If so, I can’t wait to see where this game goes. Excellent!

@dapres87 the 2 sections were all that are developed and i’m working on a third just to make sure my system for going from level to level works fine. After that though my main focus will be getting all of the core mechanics worked out, and then ill start mass producing sections and integrating lore after that is all done.

V0.0.11 PRE_ALPHA Patch Notes Released!
V0.0.12 PRE_ALPHA Patch Notes Released!

Great start, would be great if the left movement was actually screen left.

This has been a problem with orthographic view in 2d


nice old function on this topic

@steinbam could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean by screen left? Other than that thank you for the feedback!