How do i make it so that my opponent in my game follows the balls and then tries to score?


You should check out this awesome game Wrestling Rabbit.


There’s some logic in there you which might help you.


i need the other biker to pass mine


Jng, turning off solid and gravity for the CPU helps, but you have to make a few changes to other things. The game is basically “Hold up to win.” so you will need something interesting. You ever consider giving the cpu different color ramps? That way, he has to go up a different object than you, but you can hit boosts or something to catch up. Try to mess around with it a bit. Otherwise, maybe you will have to make custom timer based movements, like I did with Xediga Vade. That is a huge pain, though.

can you do try to do it and then screenshot so i can copy it

Which part should i copy @muddyapples

i gave up. i did this instead http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/79344

So, can anyone tell me the step to make the Spike Trap actually harm instead of just being able to stand on it?