Option to Disable the 'Open Editor' Button for Other People

When someone plays your games, he can open the editor and edit the game in his favor. So I suggest an option to disable the editor for other people (you still can edit your games of course). Maybe they would be able to look how the game works but they couldn’t edit it.


Hey Juch,

Noone can actually edit your games but you. Any changes made by someone else are discarded when they close the window - they are never actually saved :slight_smile:

You can tell when your changes are not being saved by the small “lock” icon in the bottom right corner of the editor.

I think that it’s bugged right now, I sent the link of my game, and the another person can edit the game, click play an play with the game edited.

I think they want it like I do, with the embed version showing instead of the normal version

I’d actually love to disable open editing of my game, so nobody can copy it.

Next time you want to send a game to a friend and do want them to edit (even if he refreshes the page and doesnt changue anything in your game) you can use the embed link…

the embed link is like this:

So you have to cut it like this:

@Juch @sue

I believe pressing ESC still opens the editor, also no need to tag them, this was a grave dug post from 2015.

@“Mhx Ar” nope, embed version doesnt do that

I would just copy that game id in the embed link and paste it after “flowlab.io/game/play/

… prolly his friend doesnt know flowlab :cold_sweat: