Optional Text Coding?

Hey! I have a great idea for a game that i’ve been wanting to make for a long time. The problem is, I already made a part of the game using python text code, and I don’t want to remake that much of it in block coding. I was wondering if there could maybe be like a new block with a textbox in it where you can put your code into. And then, maybe like a selectionbox, where you can pick the coding language you want. You’ll still be able to block code, but also have the ability to use python code. It would take a very long time to make, but I think everybody would love it. You would have to make some big changes to the interpreter, like making the code be able to connect with other blocks, but I think no matter how hard it will be, everyone will be so happy with it.

Message me for more details :slight_smile:

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A code/API block is in the trello for behavior requests.
We had some discussions on it but in short terms, it would be like the expression block with a bit more features and bigger window. The language would overall be haxe because that’s what Flowlab itself is made out of, but more shortcuts will make it easier to use.

Though I’m sure Grazer would like to hear some different ideas on the behavior itself.
More ideas leads to more options.


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