Overma Game Jam! Jam Date Moved!

You can use emit. The emit rotates with the sprite, unless angle independant is on.

I’ll join ur team!
If not, that’s fine. I have a sorta idea forming up already!

The winner can be featured here! I should have done this sooner.
Also, I added @DeadlyGumChewer !

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how can I do that

can it end on the 22nd (monday)

I’m done (:

Can I use the Cosmic Rift 2 to join the jam?

No Old games allowed. Plus I thought Cosmic Rift 2 was a platformer?

I just want to let it join the jam to let you guys assess it to let me know if there’s anything needed to fix and improve for the remaster update (it’s a Cosmic Rift but part 2 lol). Besides, I’m kinda too busy finding out what I need to amend. ok, last edit, bruh

I think I know what you mean now…
Screenshot 2024-04-18 6.20.49 PM
I didn’t know this game exist.

No I meant your Cosmic Rift 2 game, when I saw it, it was a platformer but the jam says it must be a top-down game.

Wait, I don’t actually know what the top-down game is. Can you explain that?

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You know how in Pokemon or RPG games, it’s not platformer but they move from top to down to left and right? That’s top-down.

Now I know, well, next time I will join because I’m run out of game spot to create new one.

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You can make a new one account with a fake email for more games.

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A fake email? I was think I can’t use fake email.

Hello, would it be possible to request an extension of the jam until April 22? I began work on my game io the 20th as I didn’t see this topic until then.


I need an extension too; I can’t work on the jam due to weekends and me not having a computer.


maaaannnnnn I was to late seeing this sadly, lol

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