so in my game, GalacticoS, i made a visual effect that features ships flying in the background of my new chicago level.
how it works is, there are blocks out of sight (which are cyan if you go to the editor) which spawn the ships. in the ships’s code, as soon as it spawns itll determine the speed and size randomly.
because i didnt want to redraw the ship going left, i just used the flip function. everything is good, except for some reason, when the ship flips, the game seems to forget to size the ship down on the y axis. the result is ships going left that are significantly… flatter than theyre supposed to be. i call this strange phenomenon pancakeification.

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 3.00.06 PM

heres the game link, just head to the new chicago level.

if its just my computer, or theres a way to fix this, please let me know. i fear this will produce greater issues in the future.

What’s the question that you are asking?

@“JR 01” revisit the page, i forgot typing this < would get rid of the rest of the text. sorry

This looks like a bug between size, flip, and possibly animation too.
It’s probably best just to re - animate the other direction and let @grazer know about it.

Actually, try this:


This X -> A
Player X -> B/evaluate

A-B -> filter

Filter less than 192
pass -> flip

It still happens when your on the far right of the level

I think this is a bug in the new x/y scale code (being able to scale per axis is a recent update). I like the name, but I think it’s this bug from Trello:

Thanks for reporting it, and I’ll address it once I get my current bug (misaligned cursor in editor) fixed

Yeah this is a bug I mentioned about a month ago, every once in awhile I remind grazer of it, he has a long trello checklist. I’m surprised it hasn’t affected more people yet. Don’t worry, it should be patched soon, then both of us can resume our games as normal. You seem to be using it as a visual effect, so it’s not really hurting your game. My game actually uses it as the definition of gravity, so anytime that the size isn’t what it should be, the jumping height and movement speed is very wrong, so actually prevents me from working on my game at all. Luckily for you, you should still be able to work around it.

@soethan1 & @“Mhx Ar” - the y scale issues should be resolved.