Partners Publishing & Group Developments

Hey everyone,

This thread is for people to make &/or continue making games together on FlowLab. I recommend anyone interested comment below with some form of direct communication (skype ect) and any ideas they have on a game they can co-op.

How can people work together?
By either sharing a single account (not recommended), sharing the assests/resources with each other (one person makes sprites, other builds game ect).

Want to work with DarklyDef? (my game dev site)
I am looking to help out with any games you guys need, I can create any skins, backgrounds, or characters you need all in the required dimensions.In return, I would only want my name and/or site in the credits. (any money, if you make any for it, goes 100% to you.)

Looking to publish you game?
I am always looking for people with well developed games or games in progress to publish them onto my site.To do this, PM me, or comment your embed/url below.What do you get for being published? a more expressive and proffesional way to publish your game. It will have: Instructions, Summaries, Comments (SOON), Credits (thats you!), in addition to getting more plays.NOTE: I am willing to publish any format of games, not only FlowLab ones.

I have recently made a game for my website called: Crate It
Features are:

  • Menu selection
  • Level Select
  • Animated main character
  • Unique play style, you move the platforms.
  • Custom made help (controls) section


Want to embed it? (FREE):


Thanks -PoloDef

P,S Currently working on a flash game, will add sound to above game when better options available.



This sounds good. My friend and I are planning on making a game together and eventually publish it. You’re saying you can assist us with the creation of objects and what not? And in return, put your name in the credits? Can do, sir. Not a problem.

All the money goes to us? I’m having doubts about this lol. I just visited your website and your work is too good to be free. Like wow.

Also, my friend and I will be sharing the account, however, we’d prefer if only the two of us had access to the account. Which means you would have to export your objects to a folder for me to download. So from what I read…this can be done, correct?

Could my website ( be in partnership with DarklyDef?

nevermind about the website thing.