If i paid for education, can I collab with my friends? And if I export it in ios and android, I will get money if someone downloaded it? If I export it, do someon need to paid to download it? Please Answer


Hello Jordan,

All of the paid subscriptions offer export to Android, iOS, and now Windows desktop. You can get this with an Indie subscription, so you probably don’t need the education subscription unless you are a teacher.

If you export to a mobile device, it is up to if you wish to charge for your app or provide it for free.

Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:
But if i export it to mobile devicce and somene dowloaded it, do I get money?

If you make them pay or put ads you will receive money

Im no lawyer but im sure you can only advertise someone’s product if its with their consent, and that they give you a written agreement stating you have the rights to, otherwise its known as copyright infringement and thats a crime. You may have to negotiate a price with them. State your price, and let them state what they want to pay and meet them halfway

Why am i saying this?

Yeah, you do need to do that

Tnx for the answers ^_^, Now I now what I need to do.