Persecution Update: Trees, upcoming potions and items, upcoming spells, minor bug fixes and more!

Recently Persecution had a bug that set progress back quite a bit, however I managed to replace the missing behaviors and have everything working again. Also, Iv’e added some minor things to the game, such as trees and a layout for upcoming potions. However these potions will be temporary, as I will be adding a pause screen, item screen, and a map. Minor bugs have been fixed, however some still remain, much like the shop bug. In the shop you can move right away and have to fire a spell or press up a couple of times. I’m still not sure what causes these delays. Iv’e decided to try out this indie account so I didn’t have the constraints of object and level limits.

An intro to the game will be coming soon and hopefully some additional characters and a scripted plot. If you guys wanna see how it’s coming along, check it out. Also please report any bugs or future requests for the game. Thanks!

If you mean the bug about the missing behaviors, it’s not likely, but I’ve done it a few times. Sometimes I spend a while editing a game, and realize I wasn’t signed in to Flowlab, so nothing saved. Always a good experience…

The game is definitely coming along well, and since it is the 2nd most hearted game on Flowlab, that’s saying something.

@“Mhx Ar” , thanks! That seems to be the most common solution, however the object was there since when I first made the game, if what happened was what you said only a small portion of behaviors would of went missing.

In that case, it was because you worked on the game, while the servers were ddosed, so it got corrupted. At least you have it working again.