Betrayed by his land, Feir walks alone. The last wizard, cloaked in white, travels across the land in attempt to save the very people who sentenced him into exile. Play through this exiting world and uplifting story as the last wizard alive through his attempt to save the world. Defeat the praised cause of this sick Earth and experience the abandonment as everyone seemingly turns their back on you. You are this lands only hope, and yet you are seen as this lands only tyrant.

Arrow Keys - Movement
Space-bar - Attack
Enter Key - Action
Ctrl Key - Items

Play it Here!


Nice story!

Hey- looks promising! I can help with music if you want

I referenced Feir in Alfheim, if you want to see him he is on the third level and you can even talk to him!!

Wow! That’s awesome! Better than some other people (no names)


Yeah thanks, You can even play as him if you use the arrow keys.

This probably took forever to make, it’s amazing. Great job!

Hey, would you mind telling me how you coded the way the screen slides over to the next area? i just cant seem to figure that out… I cant look at the Behaviors for your Wizard(Feir). It probably has so much data that it just lags out my chromebook. So, please give me a tutorial so that i may incorporate it into my future games! Thanks A Bunch!


I want to do that with my game, but each room is smaller with the screen

What do you mean?

Play my game, enter the dungeon, and each separate segment is smaller

@jngthree so how did you do it?

I didnt

@jngthree I’ll need a link to the game so I can look it over, and the saving of multiple items in an inventory as well as position has been added to my saving system. Also, music would be great, if you ever wanted to collab on a game I have no problems with a shared account, help is always wanted and your very talented. @Tommyx2x14, I’ll create a tutorial game to show how it works later on, it requires some time. Also thanks on the reference, Feir took some time to create, so that means a lot.
@gamermanz, Yes it did, and there’s not even a lot there yet, especially since Persecution will be re-released with saving and an inventory.
@Latif3 Thanks! But please pls be nice. I do this to make something for everyone, so they have even just one thing in common.
@pokemon8778, Wow, thanks. I know its generic, but it’s based on our own society, and Feir is my hope that all this corruption will meet an end.

And with that, I’ll be launching a second account. I’m seeking out talented and willing people to aid me in this project. As @gamermanz, pointed out, yes, it took about two months to just do that. My solution, a joint account, I’ll be looking for anyone who is willing and capable of taking on such a task. I’m looking for at least four more to jump aboard.

I sincerely appreciate all the positive comments and any criticism is wanted. Thanks Again!

Positions Needed

Story board
Sprites/Graphic Design
Beta Testers
Character Development

Your welcome for the reference, but it is a small, weak reference that i couldn’t make better at the time but i will definitely try to make a better reference in some of my other games.

Also: I would definitely be interested in applying for the Beta Tester role and also the Storyboard role as well!

I would like to take part.

I excel at music, character dev, and graphics

@jngthree @gamermanz @Tommyx2x14 Thanks A Bunch! The new title will be Persecution Under The Mist. It’s the one for now but can be changed later on. Any way, the account is called Feir. I’ll pm you guys the pass. The art style is debatable, it can be changed, or we can copy the original. Story basis is the same but any background, the why, was left out, so that must be discussed. All game decisions are ran through the team, we all have great ideas that this game needs. I’m finishing up the save mechanics for it and expect it to be done by next week. I’m also drawing cut scenes by hand, frame by frame to put into this game, any help there is very welcomed.

Again, thanks. I’m looking forward to working with you all.