No idea if anyone remebers this game. Finally got it to work again and have been adding in new things, like dialouge and a town (coming soon). Id love to hear what you all think, what the game lacks, what it needs, what you hate about it, what you love about it.

Good job! Remember how you have all of those scrolling objects? I have a rig thats more efficient now… you might like it

Actually, when I recommended flowlab to people, Persecution is the game I link to represent RPGs. It’s the only good top down RPG on flowlab. Welcome back btw, haven’t seen you in a year, but maybe I have and forgot? Good to see you post though.

@“Mhx Ar” Thanks for the welcome back, and wow, I had no Idea. Thank You! I’ve been real busy trying to buy a house and what not. Now that I have free time again, I want to bring Persecution back. It has been a bit over a year, and I honestly can believe the time just went by, but I’m back and looking for lots of feedback!

@CrimsonBlackGames Thanks! And I’d love to take a look at what you’ve designed!

On the overworld in crystals behaviors, I took the idea of your scrolling, but I remade it without the use of all those objects to detect collisions.

Added this forum to Persecutions description, hoping to get more feedback.

@leonknighte did you ever try that rig I showed you?

Dangit I always miss these discussions cuz of school

@CrimsonBlackGames I did. Its pretty great, i tried with persecution though and it just seems to crash, lol. But could just be cause I have a craptop, lol!

I love your game!:slight_smile: Masada!pk1 enjoyed it so much that he created Edgy Expedition, which is very similar to yours. Sadly, his game developed a glitch, so no one can play it.

I have a question. How were you able to make the Dialogue block?

@masada!jh4 just have to be creative. I made it in ms paint. Everything is done from scratch one pixel at a time lol.

@masada!jh4 Just have to be creative, everything was made in ms paint.

Hey @leonknighte - welcome back :slight_smile:

Haven’t seen you around here in a while