Persuasive (?) requests

Since lists of tons of requests don’t work, hopefully this’ll help.
And nowadays lots of requsted features don’t get added to free version! Hopefully this does.

  1. circles of various sizes for the tutorial sprites- making circles on Flowlab is close to impossible! It would be great to have pre-circles in the browser, especially if you want it to roll.
  2. Game descriptions, more specific ratings and comments. So you can see if people like it
  3. Co-op games! You can make a huge project with a group of people, kinda like google docs. There could be game making clans, like clash royale (lol) plus, with this feature games would be much more significant.

The ones I really want are @latif3’s game descriptions and co-op if somehow that could work… maybe like “Permit ____ to edit your game” kind of things, and a pre-save option in case they mess you up. So you can only work with someone trustworthy

I wanted game descriptions since I joined flowlab. When I was in primary school I shared some games with my classmates. But they all tell me “How do I play this?” and “What does this do?”.

A game description would be a solution

Yeah, I played Drawgame and needed some time to understand everything
And when I first joined flowlab and played pixel pokemon I didn’t even know you could shoot. On the front page there’s game descriptions, so why not for other users?
@grazer plez read

Would be cool if you could add photos and videos (walktroughs) in the description.

Hey, I definitely keep track of all the requests - the problem is that I have a list of them a mile long :slight_smile:

For a while now I’ve been working on some improvements to the Behavior editor, so the next update will be pretty much all behavior related.

After that, I’ll probably follow up with a bug fix update since I have a long list of bugs that people have been waiting very patiently for (@jngthree in particular)

After that, I had planned to work on updates to the sprite editor, since there are a lot of outstanding requests for that. I may just have another poll first though, so you guys can vote on where I should focus instead.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions - I read them all and keep a list in Trello, so I hope you don’t feel like they are ignored :slight_smile:

Woah, woah, woah!!!

That sounded sarcastic!

“Jngthree in particular!?”

As funny as it is, that tells me a lot about how I am perceived.

Hey @jngthree - I’m 100% serious: I owe you some bug fixes and you’ve been very patient - no sarcasm at all :slight_smile:

Oh, ok