Physics Help W/ Bouncing

I’m working on a heavily physics based game where you shoot a ball to try and hit a square.

One of the blocks I have in the game is the bounce block, and it should just bounce more than a normal block but keep the physics the same. What happens though is that the balls hit the bounce block and immediately lose their sideways velocity and only bounce up and down. Does anyone know how to fix this?

(Level 8 in my game is a good example, you should be able to shoot sort of sideways and have it bounce across the top of the bounce blocks into the coin)



Physics: 100

Besides that, a problem might be either your friction or bounce.
Right now your bounce is zero. Might be a problem, but I don’t exactly know yet cuz I haven’t tested.
Also, your friction. You might have to manually make bounce code instead of just bounce properties or manually add friction code.

Make the ball friction to 0,
this seems to fix that for me.


Yeah i literally just figured that out TT

Seems to work, thanks!

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*Screams into pillow because JR01 was literally 10 seconds faster *

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