Pig Dive - Work in Progress

Hi peeps,

I’ve been working on Pig Dive for a little while. Dodge the birds on the way down and make the ULTIMATE Pig Dive!


Still a lot to sort out, please play if you have a minute : )


Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 22.52.13

Nice man! Ive noticed you dont really use the forums much.

Good to see you still are around :slight_smile:

Interesting concept, I can’t think of any other games like it. It’s kinda like a doodlejump but with falling and dodging instead of bouncing and climbing. You could do an infinite falling mode if you make it to space in the normal mode, with randomly generating birds that float up from the bottom, which gives a falling illusion, instead of you actually falling. It definitely fits the games and artstyle I remember you doing in the past. Btw, glad to see you back.

Hey, welcome back @muddyapples :slight_smile:

I think it’s an interesting start so far, and the art looks great as always.

@CrimsonBlackGames glad you like it! I’ve had a ton of freelance work recently but I’m going to focus on getting Pig Dive out so I’ll be around more.

@“Mhx Ar” Nice idea, I hadn’t thought of that. I’m planning to get 20 levels out in it’s current form, it’s actually a pig of a game to put together (no pun intended!). Glad to see you’re still around dude, still spending endless hours on pixel art I hope?!!?

@grazer Thanks for the feedback, lots of new features added to Flowlab which is awesome, what would you consider the main ones to look out for, or are there too many to list?



Not since Christmas. I made a few games and demos here and there, but I took a break to study Japanese and get back in shape. I mean I was still in shape, but I got really lazy. The last major graphics thing I did was this in November. Took days.


@“Mhx Ar” Looks cool Mhx, I’ve said it before but if you haven’t already got a game on the App Store you need to do so, even if it’s just single screen…button one of your demos down and get it out there!

Japanese sounds interesting, do you have any plans to go, unless of course you’re already there!?!??

@grazer is there anything on the Flowlab roadmap to have IAPs? I know they’re fiddly as anything though!

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 2.25.49 PM

cool game!

I found a bug tho, after a game you get double hearts for some reason. you only got 3 lives, but it showes two heart displays

I want to be a teacher there someday, and hopefully live there. Japan is very clean, civilized, and advanced.

Idk if I’ll ever make an app for phones. Most of my games run slow even on computers.

Ironically, I just watched a video about counterfeiting in class today, and Japan was on the top of the list for most counterfeiters. 25% of people work in elicit factories or something.

Im not sure how that got remotely possible, but it would be pretty cool to be bilangual. I want to be bilangual but I am way too lazy for that. Fahn

@“Magnus Aalde” Yep, thanks, I need to take a look at that and fix.

@“Mhx Ar” @CrimsonBlackGames Mhx - I hope you’re not going to teach people how to counterfeit top brands! lol! Seriously, I bet it would be mega.

@“Mhx Ar” Up to you on the app front, but worth thinking about I think!

@grazer the logic gate is new to me, you’ve used it here https://flowlab.io/game/play/788912 This is an awesome demo! You’ve got some solid maths in there ‘Math.cos(A * 0.0174) * 10’ how did you figure that bit out?!!

That logic isn’t as fancy as it might look at first glance - it’s just figuring out the aliens left and right direction from his current rotation. The sin/cosine functions take radians, so you have to multiply the angle by pi/180 ( 0.0174 ) to convert. It scales the result by 10 just to add a bit more force to the velocity.