Pikmin help please

Hey, uh does anyone know the game pikmin? if so can you help me with making the Pikmin follow the player? and being able to throw them? and after throwing them you can hold down a button to call them back

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OH MY GOD!!! Finally! Someone wants to make a game about Pikmin!
Anyway, do you want the changing type style to be like Pikmin 2? Or 4?

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Pikmin 2

fellow Pikmin fan

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hold on I have to go talk to you later

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Ok, (W Pikmin 2)

Right now, I am doing homeowork on my school laptop, once I am done I’ll switch to my actual one to assist you. Actually, I might not be able to assist you, my laptop is in repairs. :frowning:

But one thing I can do is tell you that you could either use extractors to make the Pikmin follow your captain, or look in the examples for follow mechanisms in the help area.

hold on i ment pikmin 1

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i tried it and it didnt work

AY! stop trying to change my thing

ill leave yall alone

like i said pikmin 1

just tried it and it didnt work

Use the behavior notes to learn how to use it. You need to make the example fit your game.

well the Pikmin follow you but I want it to where they can go up Flowlab Game Creator - Pikmin 5 (WIP)

Yeah, you can do that. Physics settings or something. That example is for a platformer, while your game is a top-down, which is why the example “didn’t work”.

Ok, I looked at this and right now I’m making follow code for the red pikmin, I also looked the onion.

Add this switch so the onion doesn’t restart the “GAME!” animation when Olimar touches it again.


that worked thumb up


are you done yet? just asking

Sorry, I have a sickness on me right now. So I had to be off of school for a day, so I have to make up assignments. I tried making a follow but right now it’s not working. I’ll start testing it again when I’m finished with HW.

ok man, hope you feel better