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Well, pillow fighting is quite fun, and I think many of you will agree… But what if it was brought to flowlab?! Well now it is! It is not completely done, but maybe you can help?! It is a quite simple task if you want to do this… But can you see if the multiplayer works? Anybody can try this, and everyone please try this out!

  • It is multiplayer!
  • Sadly, it is not multiplayer.

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Hey GM, this is great work! Although, it would be great if the pillow could have an animation, and if you could add more furniture. An idea would be to make some of the furniture solid, so that you have something to protect yourself. Keep it up!

Thanks! @hihilogic, do you want to work on it with me? I have indie now, so I could add you to a team!


Ok I will add you…

Ok, I have added you to the team!

You need to enable the team editing

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Ok, sorry… I have done it now.

Ok it’s working now

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Ok… I made it so that the pillow will continue until it doesn’t hit anything. Sort of… I can’t get the pillow to actually travel, so that’s a problem. Meanwhile, I’ll work on the pillow emitting a particle effect.

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noice :+1:

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I could give you some of my furniture sprites I was making for the community, they’re fairly decent.

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Fur- :cat: -nit- : :mosquito: ture

Fixed your game, (won’t save) just change the movement in your player. Click on the key behaviors and turn them each on to “repeating”. Without that the player stops every time you click a different movement button.

Forget about sleeping im playing

UHM hitting your pillow dont work.

Says they’re working on it and it’s “Coming Soon”

Sorry! For some reason it did not send me notifications! But now you can throw your pillow with shift!

pretty cool idea…!

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