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I know some of you use a website for pixel art called “pixel art.” So can someone tell me what canvas size would the canvas be for a normal scaled sprite canvas in the Flowlab editor for a “Pixel art” canvas?

You can start with 32 x 32 will be a 1 x 1 and 64 x 64 will be 2 x 2.

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32 X 32
16 X 16
8 X 8
4 X 4

I think that’s the scaling for each sprite. A sprite that takes up four blocks would be or 2x2 would be 64 x 64 pixels. For each block bigger just add 32 pixels per side. Like a 1 x 3 sprite would be 32 x 96 pixels.

Thank you very much! This will help a lot.


Also, there is this thing in the Flowlab.io sprite editor that says how many pixels there are.

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You could just use flowlabs built in editor

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