Pixel Car Sprite Help

On the final section of a game of mine, made mainly for practicing effects. However, the players are still squares with a line so you can see where they look. Obviously, I’d like to make a car sprite, but I’m struggling figuring out how to represent a 32x32 car from a up top view. Any tips?
(sorry for the small image)

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Not much of a car person, I don’t actually know anything about cars, but I made a quick little step by step of how I made one.

There are essentially three parts, each is layered on top of the other.
I tried to split it up into a non-confusing way, there’s the bottom which is the side of the car, the middle which contains the windows, and the top which is just the top.


Here’s the reference I was using, it came up from a quick google search.


I am very much a car person, here’s a few sprites I made
Also a helpful Link

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Not sure that type of car will fit in with the “Style” of the rest of the game. Game is supposed to be private but it doesn’t really matter so: Flowlab Game Creator - Lethal Soccer
Also I am still experimenting with the player sprites, so I don’t know if I want a different type of object to be played as.

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Flowlab Game Creator - Taile Gamougg Race Alpha
I came up with a unique top-down 32x32 car design for this game if you want it

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Do one of those work?