Pixel_Game_Jam #2

This is the second Pixel_Game_Jam. Again there will be no prize.




May 4th

Will you participate?
  • I’m participating
  • I’m not participating

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I might participate, but I’m not sure because I’m a little sick at the moment, and I have a couple other projects I’m working on, too.

What do you mean by Reflection? like something you would see in a mirror or like reflecting on the past?

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Reflection is just the theme it can be either of those things.

When the theme of a jam is announced just take the theme as general

So they’re are saying “Reflection” in general. So anything about Reflection basically.

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Ooohhhh ok havn’t done this before :sweat_smile:

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Correction: “haven’t”

(Ok sorry for being Grammarly)

Meh its fine i do that too sometimes XD

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so do i make a game based on reflection or what do i do??

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Make a game based on the theme.

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ok! that makes more sense sorry about making you answer all of that

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can i make it on my other account (the student one that cant get on here)

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It doesn’t really matter as long as you made the game.

cool thanks! :smiley:

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i WILL participate but might NOT follow
the theme,would i still be able to win the

ill join im kinda ded meat in the other game jam sooo yeh :slight_smile: i join