Placing system for 8 players

could you give a screenshot please? sorry, but im not understanding.

I tried your game it looks AWESOME


Just wait till i finish…

I used the editor to go in the game levels, and i noticed a few bugs. do you want me to tell or you want to fix them by yourself?

Yeah, flowlab has a few problems with extracting,it happened to me too

Are you wanting to use the progress bar bundle for the positioning system? Or for your own progress bar?

@Cactus_Studios, I’ve haven’t really had a problem with extracting objects. If it keeps resetting, just change the name of the object you’re trying to extract.

And could you tell me those bugs please so they can be fixed?

i wanted to use both, Progress bar as a “Mini Map” and Placing System to see what place you are in.

(Nvm, ik the problem.)

Oh tysm Its actually the solution I needed

First, sometimes when you respawn, like happens sometimes in geometry dash, you auto get ejected in the, well thing that kills you. The movements are sometimes a bit variable and i once controlled every single character in game at the same time, that was strange. every thing else is perfect keep on going!

how are you able to control everyone? i didn’t even put that in those characters.

idek find out, i didn’t go in the code

yeah, the items are broken now, i need help with that too @JR01 if you have time. if you don’t that’s fine. but the problem is when you get a power-up, sometimes when you use it, it either doesn’t do anything, or it does the behavior of a completely different power-up.

Ah, i found the problem, this is because the initial character got cloned, i think, they were all the same color

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Probably a flowlab lag

and @JR01 theres a problem with the placing system. here’s what happened. Beeo finished first (cpu) and i was in second but when he finished, i was in first. violet was behind me (cpu). is there a way to keep the placing as if there was a 4th lap?

I won’t be able to see whats wrong until after work (about 6 hours). That math equation above should add 10000 to their globals for every lap they pass in every racer. This will keep going until you end the race.

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Okay, thats fine. :smiley: