play my game and tell me what you think

I’ve been working on these sprites for hours and I think I finally made a perfect ghillie suit check it out

sorry if the sprites are weird I can’t make them left to right it has to be right to left!

That is one impressive sprite! The time you spent to make it was well worth it. both his idle and crouched sprite look great. However I think you should work on the walking animation. Him just hoping looks a bit strange, but other than that it’s pretty nice.

thanks @Greggo I’m not good at walking animations so I thought that jumping would look fine

…hopping has two p’s

I see you are using the sprites that I MADE but, yeah of course you took hours making them.



yeah, you made the crouching animation and the actual sprite but, I made the walking animation can i get some credit for that?

Can I please use it???

yeah you can use it but…

never say that you made it again, because I spent a long long time making those




but, if someone asks I am saying that they are my sprites

I don’t care just don’t open discussions saying that my sprites that I made are yours.

you don’t understand how much effort I put into those