Play my game: Black and White, Now with DEBUGS!

I just finished Level 1 and added a cutscene! Enjoy!

Just added some new mechanics and finished level 2 @Yorkie2323 @beanies_bugs @MeCool00 . Look out for that sneaky boi, though…

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This game is very coolio oooooooooooooooooooo :upside_down_face:

Check this out!!! I’m testing out new mechanics or my game, so, for a LIMITED TIME, you can now access these mechanics in my test level! I’ve reset it to the first level, so you don’t have to go into the code. Enjoy!!!


I just added descriptions to the objects, so you can learn what they do. This will not be in the full game, though, so you’ll have to figure it out on your own!

I think I found the button. Does it make it say “MK”?

No. That’s to switch to mobile or keyboard. YOU"RE WELCOME, @meburningslime!!! I’ll give you a hint @m33, the key is the L key on your keyboard.

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ALL RIGHT PEOPLE! I just added mobile controls, although they don’t really work. You have to press the buttons repeatedly. Does anyone know how to fix this @meburningslime?

I have an idea, use a switch and an always input. I guess you could have it so when they aren’t clicking it turns it off… or, somebody told me Ace Vanguard has smooth mobile controls so you could visit that.

I just added a chase scene! I put it at the start of the game so y’all could enjoy it. ALSO, I’m officially announcing that I’m putting the cutscenes in last. They’re too hard to program, and don’t work a lot of the time. THE STORY FOR THIS CUTSCENE: You and Dr. Trylo have met once again, but you hear a BANG, and have no time for chit-chat. Dr. Trylo says he will try to hold them off while you go into the next test center, but the B3H3M0TH has followed you.

great game but if u press sideways while on the speed up blocks it cancels the momentum see if you can fix this other than that Great Game!

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to fix @Drolfey’s complaint, just have it so if the ray cast hits it turns off the jump switch, also add a switch to the left and right keys and make it so if the ray cast hits those it also turns those off. Therefore, forcing the player to ride the conveyor until the ride is done. Don’t know if you even want to change it but if you do that’s how.

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I fixed it! I just made a logic gate that says if you’re not touching the treadmill AND touching another block, you can then move left and right.

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Nice, I have no clue how to use logic gates still.

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Okay guys, should I just keep the mobile controls on screen even if you’re on computer, or would that be too distracting? @meburningslime

  • Yes, make the mobile controls forever visible!
  • No, keep it in the settings

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I didn’t see a settings button…

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You should. Go back to the game

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Better, idea. Make them always visible unless you press a key on your keyboard. So, only computer users can disable it?


That is actually genius. Thank you. :pray:

No problem, I did it for one of my games lol