Play my game: Black and White, Now with ICE!

Hi. This is my new WIP game: Black and White. Has no story, but if anyone if interested in providing some ideas, I would love that!
Here’s the link:

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Also, is this a better look for the flag?

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Yep, looks like it fits the style of the game!

I found a bug on your game, when fall in hole or gaps you cant move or respawn once you died


really? I thought that was just because I was offline. I’ll check it out.

Fixed it! Apparently, I was trying to send two respawns to the character, so it just stopped functioning.

Added bouncy blocks and wall spikes!

Nice! I really enjoy this game!

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Same :smiley:

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Any ideas for game mechanics? I was thinking I could remove the thing that says, “You Died”, so that the game runs smoother

Yes, it would be awesome, also I recommend taking away the “wall jump glitch” with a ray cast or change the collision directions in run and jump. :slight_smile:

A cool mechanic would be wall jumping, it seems like the kind of mechanic to go inside of your game.

That’s not a glitch. That’s on purpose

I see,

Anyways, I like the game and the color palette. What is the player supposed to be?

An eye?

A cube with a green eye. I know, it doesn’t display it quite accurately, but I fear if I add too much detail it’ll just stray from the theme

Have you found the secret button yet?

Okay, who wants the wall jump?

  • I want the wall jump!
  • No, remove it

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Nope, I’ll look for it.

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Just added some sound effects. Do you guys want walking effects?

Can’t test them right now because I’m “reading on epic”