Play my Game E-Commerce Business Simulator

Hello Friends,

New to Flowlab, I made an addicting Business Simulator. This is not a platform game. It is a digital creation of a board game I made a while back to teach business people how to strategically build a distribution business setup to sell.

I’d love to hear whether or not it’s as addictive in this format as it is in the business world.

Your Goal is to reach 500 Ry-Yen (The currency of the Pixel Business people) to provide yourself the security you need to sell your business for its full net value.

Please Enjoy this Strategy game that no two same games are alike.


Its really nice to see new people come to flowlab with unique ideas, and pull it off.

Im interested at looking into this, so Ill definitely will look into it.

Alright, looks like you got the behaviors and foundation down.
I noticed that the help alert was covered by the logo. Theres quite a bit of ways to fix it (moving it to a different layer, or changing position)

You have yourself a good game, but I think you should get some more grapics in it. Those default sprites really stand out. Maybe replace them with Logs, to go with the look of the business.

Overall, you got something really decent! Keep it up!

Will fix all the help issues. I noticed it this morning as well.
Reskinning of 100% of the graphics and stock sounds is a go!