Play my game pls

hears the code

This is a good game!
I have a few ideas that could help it get better:

  1. Make the jump height higher (I couldn’t get through because the walls were too high).
  2. Find a Youtube video on pixel art. You never know what you could learn from them!
  3. Make a lever that does something (unlock a door, spawn a platform, etc) this keeps the game interesting for the player.

Otherwise, your demo is a great start! Keep working on it!

Maybe add some music. Even tho you can’t export with a free account, there are plenty of built in sounds that are completely free. I agree that the jump height should be increased. If you need help with art, I can make some, I am decent with art, not exactly with flooring, but most things I am decent at making. Eventually tho, like @Caden9 said, start to learn pixel art. Youtube is a great source. It gets tough at first Example of my horrible art, but after a week, I got better. Try it out @bentley.holmquist, and just because ur ten doesn’t mean anything, I can tell you that because I am ten and am making at least some form of games. (what a long comment)

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First, a border. You can just fall off to infinity.

Second, checkpoints (Maybe).

Third, for a new user and game you’ve managed to do your own sprites, which is really impressive, so maybe try to use and see if that can help you make even better art and sprites.

Oh - and most importantly… rename it to Caution Beta

Wait, what happened to those websites I put up on the “some free music”
forum thread?

ikr its long but thx