Play my game "Square Game: Don't touch the red" I’ve been working on this for almost 2 days and I would like some feedback to make it more enjoyable

4/20/20 - added some stuff to the end

I just really wanted to know how you did your game. I managed to do a cheap replica of what you did (Check out Creation of Retroscape forum, access the game, and onto the dont touch the red level.

I just wanted to know in short what each object did and how you did it! Awesome game by the way! Fun and hard!

So basically, I have an enemy parent so I dont have to add new objects to the code each time
For all of the laser objects, that have a decreased alpha, I created a second version with the enemy parent.
The yellow border is for the circle enemies to bounce off
The Game master is where I created the summoning pattern

@“The Kodex” Which thing do you want to know more about?

This game is fun. Reminds me of the World’s Hardest Game…


My opponents reaction to defeating me in a video game.

Love the game! 8/10! Could you please post bellow how you done some of the game mechanics though? I really want to know how you did that!