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Please play my game and give a solid review, this was created for a school project in which I had to create a game in which the students would have fun playing. Be honest with your review and tell me how fun it would be for the students that will be playing it.


This game is an okay plat-former @dmirandalazo , but maybe some different obstacles? One could be that when walking on the logs, they fall down, which is what I had expected would happen. Another thing, maybe also change up the sprites? I know this is a school project, and you most likely don’t have to, but maybe make your own sprites as well? It was pretty enjoyable to play, it just needs a little bit more to it. I had also liked how each level had its own theme. Very nice, but could have some more.

Hope this helps! Good luck,

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@rcreger , it olnly has 7 views, so maybe you made the mistake that I did and read the views for the discussion above this discussion.

I also tried it it’s good for a first game.

Darn it @rcreger got here first! But still, i have something very similar which you could also send it too! Just paste the game link and I’ll get to it ASAP:

How did you put stuff in front of the player?

When you click an object, you can click check boxes for movement, solidness, ect.
At the bottom of the menu, there is a spot that says “properties”.
Click that and you’ll see a new menu for layers, lower number will be behind ones with higher numbers

It’s a pretty good game all you need to do is create your own sprites instead of the default sprites, other than that its a really good game sound track is good too