play my game

Hello friends, Oise here and please play my game and please help me to construct my game JOHN THE ADVENTURER.
Thank you

Hey there, looks like you’ve got the basics down for a solid platformer. However, you may have to work on it a bit more so we actually know what the game is about, before showing it off or asking for co-workers. Keep working on it!

Regarding the tags, the basic formula for having moving enemies is (always-number-velocity [forward]) with (collision [left/right]-flip [toggle]), with a block on either side of the enemy so it doesn’t venture off-screen.

Thanks Luminous for the advise,i am really grateful

see that was level 1, let me post level 2 but the only problem is that i can not open door and enter the next level, i can not move coins maybe you can help me pleasssssssssse

i have not yet finished the game