Play My Mario Remake !!!!

Hi Guys.
I recently made a game that takes after Super Mario 16 Bit. I was really hoping that anyone might play this game and leave a favourite. This took me a good 5 weeks to make and an additional 2 weeks to make all the sprites.

umm… Where is it? Post a link so we can see your game :smile:

@SnowdriftTheIcewing @j.cronin.15 yeah you’re gonna need that link if you want us to see your game
Sorry guys. It’s been a long day XD @SnowdriftTheIcewing @henf25


Hey, It’s really good! I can’t figure out how to destroy my enemies with the fireballs, though. :disappointed:

Hey @SnowdriftTheIcewing
I have sorted it out now, you have to press the P button to throw fireballs

Nice game! Next you should add a switch and some filters to make use for the fire flowers and coins. Maybe an instruction at the beginning as well to clear up some things.

I have now added a sign that tells you instructions on how to play the game properly now. Hope this helps. @Luminous700

I honestly thought it was fine, if you add rebound and bouncing fireballs with the correct sound accompanying it would be better. overall I think if you added more animations and let the falling red brick work correct (also a pause menu) would make this game better.

@j.cronin.15 Your Game Needs Help On Quality. You Could Possible Download Some Pictures/Sprites Of Clouds or Just Make A Remake OF the Clouds

Um… the last post was about 4 months ago??