Play my new game Mini Mine

Flowlab Game Creator - Mini Mine

And tell me what I should make next, You guys can help too.

I played your game, it’s very well-coded you can say! :hugs:

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Thank you very much !!! Did you beat level 4?

Not yet. It was pretty hard at first, but I got better!

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that’s good hope you can pass it :wink:

I Really Like It! And I Beat Lvl 4

Nice more levels are coming soon!!!

How many? I’m just wondering

Idk like maybe 11 more!!!

I Found The Secret Tunnel


Nice job !!!__________________

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Please make it Mobile Compatible, then I’ll play lol!

Ok Ill try to make it mobile

Dang, 16 levels. Seems pretty time-consuming to make all of the levels.


Do You Guys Know How To Change Your Profile Picture? Mine Is That Pixel Dog, But I Want To Change It So I Did (Many Times) And If I Reload It Or Just Leave Flowlab And Come Back My Profile Picture Is Back To The Same Picture… Does Anyone Know What’s Happening???

You have to do it on the main Flowlab website. It should say “Update Avatar” right below how many games left

Okay Thanks! Ill Try That Out And Tell You If It Works.

Yay! It Worked Thanks So Much!!!

Your welcome :wink: Sorry if I didn’t respond like 17 minutes ago.

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