Play my new game, The Apocalypse

First things first this game was was inspired by “Losing Lotus By: Battery” and it one of my favorite games on this community. And i think it should’ve won flowjam 2021. But my game is not as good as losing lotus tho 999% FAXS

Losing Lotus:

But anyways, lets talk about my game… :neutral_face: go to the link and read the description i dont feel like explaining everything again. And i just remembered i forgot to add a pause button and a main menu but am too lazy to do that now… just go play please…

My Game:

(why is the background white i didnt make it like that)

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And if you have a better name for my game i might choose it because i not good coming up with names

It looks good!

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You think so? :sob: :sob:

Yeah! It is quite cool and is quite unique… And I like how you used the labels for messages instead, of alerts. I do that too and quite like it better.

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Thank you

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its white for me to ever since like october so idk how to fix it