Play my new Game-The Places Beyond

This is a smple space shooter where you(and friendly ai) ships destroy others, there are 3 factions, the Outlanders(enemy’s) the Fallen(Neutral) and The Avengers(Allys) BEWARE THAT FRIENDLY FIRE IS A THING, SO IF YOU SHOOT A ALLY YOU MIGHT DESTROY IT. New content such as multiplayer-storymode and new Ai entitys will be added, for now, ENJOY THE GAME-

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If anyone wants to know a code for “the gate of secrets” (the red gate, touch it and type 4 numbers) faviorite my post and I will tell you.

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I already know, so don’t tell me if I favorite your post.


thats…thats not the same avengers xD.

ik just making a joke its so similar…

Oh Crap you are actually online!

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So about the free trial mentioned in flowlab…

also this game sounds coolio

im also on trust level 3 just got it today

How do you like the mobs, also if you go to “Edit” on my game (Not merely clicking play and going into edit mode) you can see the names of the ships(and what factions they are)

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OOOOH AN UPDATE!(from our lovely game-maker dev, @grazer

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Darn, it seems freee trial is schjool only…

New Update: Added in Crusher turret-Highly effective against other turrets, this is considered a Outlander.


NEW UPDATE! Fixed Movment to be more fluent, Fixed Label glitch that says only one player online, made it less laggy, currently enemys will not be spawning for the next hour(Except the doom turret that is automatically there.)

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Lol it’s so hard to tell who’s talking :rofl:

IKR, I look on other topics and i think "HEY THAT AINT MY TALKING, WHO HACKED MY ACOU-OH…

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Lol, imagine using darkmode, that’d be even morr confusing :rofl:

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dont even try it, literally like trying to find a needle in a hey stack

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