Play test my game for the jam?

Please be free to give me any feedback.


I like what you got going here! The only major nitpick I got from playing through your game was a movement issue:

After getting hit by an enemy, the collision would move the player without me controlling the player to move. This is most likely because that there is no gravity or friction for the player object to latch onto to stop this new velocity.

What I suggest is having a continuous input for when the player is not moving at all (up, down, left, right = all not pressed) to set the velocity to zero, and to always get 0 until the player hits a movement key again.

If you have any questions, let me know:)


Thank you very much I will start working on it right now

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I fixed the issue with the moving after being hit by the enemy and fixed another issue so when you die it doesn’t play both of the songs at the same time. Let me know if you find any other issues.

Dose any one know how to make a good enemy spawner because mine is okay just that it sometimes spawns a enemy on a player and just wanted if anybody knew how to fix this?

Another suggestion: make it progress.
Seriously tho, it stays the same difficulty the whole time. My suggestion would be timers going to the ONs of switches, which go to some spawners and stuff. idk.


Got you will start working on increasing difficulty and found out how to fix the spawner


Okay so I’m making a boss fight and I’m kinda confused on how to make it more interesting and Tips?