Play testers and bug finders needed! Sacrifice at Hollow Castle

This game is not done and still has some known issues, but @TinkerSmith and I are trying to get this game wrapped up before Flowjam (and in time to submit it to the GDWC on Dec 31) and we need some people to test it out on different systems to make sure there are no glaring issues (there definitely are!)

Please try to break this game. If it freezes or you get stuck please make a note of where it happened and what happened so we can add it to the fix list. You should be able to collect all the items and complete all the challenges and get to the final boss fight but if it messes up, just refresh and “resume quest” at the continue screen.

If anything seems unintuitive, confusing, too difficult or just plain dumb, list that too. The game is supposed to be a little oblique (ie not handing all the answers to you), but it shouldn’t be frustratingly so.

Please help and I will list you in the end credits.


The maze is currently broken which prevents completion of two challenges. I will fix this evening.

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I’ll 100% help if I can! I can’t say I’ll always be online, but when I am I’d love to help out.

Absolutely. Give it a go as is and let me know how it “feels” and if the world itself makes sense as a whole or if anything stands out as unforgivably wonky. You won’t be able to beat it in its current state but you can definitely find ways to break it. Whenever you have time to give it a few minutes and jot down some notes have at it! And thanks!

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This is the current “to do” and known issue list. But I’m sure there’s lots more I don’t know about. :wink:


Ok, the maze exit works again, which allows completion of all challenges. If you give it a try, let me know if you’re able to get to the boss or not and if not — where did you get stuck/give up?

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I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to check anything out yet, when I do would you like to talk about it in a DM or is here okay?

Here is fine. If others are testing then they’ll know where any issues are.

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