Play the game and give me your feed back please

Its a one level test for a game am working on

Turn off friction on walls so you don’t stick to them. I’m assuming you didn’t make the graphics, it’s very smartphone-esque. If you did make the graphics, then it’s great. Feels like a time killing game you’d just play on your phone or on some flash website, like Angry Birds or Bloons.


Hey, good start - maybe mention somewhere that you have to collect all the gems to pass the level? I got the end and had to turn back and find a gem I missed :slight_smile:

Mhx Ar
Thanks for the hint about the wall friction, I think its better without it
am still new at this.
do you know how can I stop the ball from jumping while its in the air?
I still fell like there is something wrong with the game play!

by the way am using some free Royal free graphics in the game beside my own graphic

I agree it is just a test game, and am still trying to learn more about everything in the editor :slight_smile:

You want the ball to stop jumping in the air? Click on the collision box, make sure only bottom is checked. Now, cut the wire that connects Up (up) to the (off) on the switch, and connect the (off) to the (out) of the Impulse like this.


The reason you could jump in the air, was because you had all collisions on, AND you didn’t have anything turning off the switch, so touching anything at all from any direction would turn your jump button back on even though nothing turned it off. Since your game involves bouncing, if you accidentally press up while touching the ground, you might lock your jump by accident, so cutting the (up) and replacing it with (Y out) will make sure your bouncing won’t be glitchy.

Mhx Ar
I’ll try that
thanks I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hello Mhx Ar
Is there a way to make the ball rolling down the slope ( in level 2 of the game )
the slope now is behaving like a stair.

We have rectangle, circle, and capsule collision. grazer has not added triangles or hills yet.

Mhx Ar
Ok, I’ll try to find another Idea

You can copy what I did here
and here

Even though flowlab doesn’t have triangles, you can make them by stacking several circle blocks or pixels.

Mhx Ar
I’ll Try that
Smart thinking, Thanks :slight_smile:

@mhx, now that rotation affects hitboxes, why not make things rotate from the start? That way you get your hills?

Youd probably need to get tricky with animations, so things still appear right, but hey, thats never stopped any of us

@CrimsonBlackGames WHOA HOLD ON
Once rotate a 32x1px sprite rectangle as a ramp? Max out the friction and it could work.Dude you might be a genius on this.

@CrimsonBlackGames forget animations. Alpha it and skeleton map

You could make tilt platforms

Yep… good ole Mario Bros Wii

@“Mhx Ar” check debug Mode… I think you already know how to use it, but just in case- Ctrl D-

You can see that the line going from the center-out (radius) also represents foreward…

Anyway, back on topic- yeah, rotation now affects hitboxes.

Even better, physics actually apply if you want it- check off enable rotation under object properties. Things can roll, tumble, etc…