Play The tutorial of My Rogue RPG game

This is EXTREMELY underdeveloped and further content will be added, but I just finished the tutorial so I’d thought I’d share. Give feed back (Besides how the text looks and animation, i’m updating that later) so I can make my Game better!


@seamothmaster45 done

ok thanks!

it is really cool and can really help people figure out how to make mobs, but really I think that it is not really an rpg tutorial more like a mob tutorial

Pretty stiff, rather shitty, the font is really bad

@“Daniel Folston” I’d like to see you do better

@seamothmaster45 This isn’t a mob tutorial, this is the tutorial i’m making for my game. try it, then we’ll talk


Its been forever sense you were last on the forums.

@“Daniel Folston” I don’t see anything impressive here except the graphics, the gameplay is simple.
Also, I made the game shown in 1 day, none the less a basic tutorial i’m planning on updating. If i’m judging from this game alone then I know more knowledge in Flowlab code than you. I’ve also made Youtube tutorials for flowlab that have racked me over 6000 views in all.

And yet, your game is pretty sad.

@“Daniel Folston” So is yours, and I made this in a day, so of course it would be bad.

@“Mushroom Productions” Tbh mine took me like 8 hours one sunday and i haven’t updated it yet

@“Daniel Folston” Same with me

@“Mushroom Productions” Ah it shows, why bother with self made sprites if they’re going to be this ugly and low res

@“Daniel Folston” Because I actually didn’t make these sprites, there apart of a free sprite bundle. Also my sprites are better than yours.

@“Mushroom Productions” lol no

@“Daniel Folston” If you have nothing nice to say then don’t talk at all! @“Mushroom Productions” On his behalf I am sorry your game has excellent graphics but you need to work on animation and more detail on the trees. @“Daniel Folston” @“Mushroom Productions” has tried to make a game and wants some opinion on it. But if you cannot be reasonable then you have no place here on flowlab. @grazer is this foul language and behaviour allowed? @“JR 01” what is your view on this? You want to pick a fight @“Daniel Folston” I can be here all night.

and @“Daniel Folston” a lot of kids are on here and they shouldn’t have to see people cussing on the forums this is not the place for that
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