Play this short fun game
i didnt work too hard on it, but im proud.
its really buggy lol

wait does this work
i tried to use html blink xD

Dude, just click “preview” instead of spamming. :confused:

im sorry :.(
but did you play my game?

I’m on phone, I can’t. Maybe later.

Okay I played the game

1. Make your own sprites
2. Fix the hitboxes
3. Make it a bit more challenging

it was just a test, and alright i’ll fix the hitboxes… and make my own sprites… but how do i make it harder?

Make the screen bigger. If you’re good at puzzles, then you’re automatically good at making puzzles too. So you just have to imagine some fun game play.

hmmm what about making the final level reaaalllyy hard?

For some reason I can’t get past the first level. I get to the pink box, but nothing happens :frowning:

It’s pretty good. Few bugs but just needs hard work and time put into it.

Level one does not work.