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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2018 updates:

Summer Updates:
-Added music
-new name “Hardcore partcore”
-Added invortory
-Added timer (60 sec.)
-Added energy (10 sec.)
-Key (unlock iron doors)
-animation to doors after key is been collected
-Add door alarm to tell if door is opened
-Added coin counter
-Added bullets and cannons
-Added credits
-Added spikes
-Added pauses(3 pause only)
-Added enemies
-Banana and Apples heal you
-Banana and Apples can be hit by you and arrows
-enemies can be destoryed by you(on top) and arrows
-Bugs and Gliches fixed
-Added Trick doors
-Added Complete tracker
-Keys can be destoryed so be carful
-Arrows can hit keys watch out!
-Enemies can only be destoryed by arrows
-Under contrustion New game “Hardcore partcore pt.2” coming soon
-Pt.2 hardcore partcore has been finshed on this day 7/21/18
-You can skip eather levels 1,2 or 3 but only once.
-deleted test block for this reason (reason-It resets the players fails by pressing “Y”)
-Fixed lags
-Added lost time(From 3-over fails you lose time)
-Levels can be saved
-The buttons are in the game to save and load
-New mode:“Blind mode”.
-Food would be shown in invortory
-deleted apples
-Added levers

  • keys are now covered with a specal block that can be destoryed.
    -New Keyboard Key (In game)
    -Edit Intro(Main start)
    -I haved changed my game name.
    -Hints (1)first level only (“Press 1,2,3” for different level hints)
    -Added Ads.
    -SECRET MESSAGE(REAR, only on the credits)
    -coin holder-(Give player a random number from 0-5 by pressing 2+collide+spacebar)
    -New animation(Player)-Pickaxe: Can Destroy: coin holder, Key=2).
    -New boss on level 4
    -Boss shots lighting from above
    -To kill type right code.
    -Skin shop(3 skins) go by completes not money click G-O-L for different skins
    -If the code is wrong it will show an alert saying “Wrong #”
    -Added game counter
    -Added bomb(Boss 100000)
    -Added blackness for blindness
    -Birthday BANNER ADDED(Done on 8/30)
    -Added gold counter
    -shop is now active to gold instead of completed
    -You now can receive gold by using 2000 coins then press " but you only get at this time.
    -Added link to minigame
    -Bug fixed 9/6/18
    -Not bad updated
    -New Maintenance

fall updates-

Winter updates-

Spring updates-

New game “SHOP”-

Note: I do not have Twiter,Youtube or anything like that

Survey for game and you guys

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List of great player’s

top 5 people to do this GAME Top 5 list(Not including me) 1.deeloonie 2.CrimsonBlackGames 3.(Unknown name; name not shown) 4.(Unknown name; name not shown) 5.(Unknown name; name not shown)
Code for spoiler

$100=50 gold
$600=100 gold
$6000=Unlimated gold

Note:You can recive money from me

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Thats not how it works. If you own a game (Create your own game) only you can edit it. You can edit others games but it wont be permanent.

I know that. I just did that because I had nothing to think of.

hopefully you guys would take that challenge.


Ok I guess no one Is plying my game.

well this is it the last time I am calling to find my game :frowning:

These forums really only have about 6 people that actively comment, usually we are too busy working on our own stuff, I tell this to other new users too. We really only use the forums for asking for help, or posting major updates. Since most of your game is comprised of default flowlab graphics, it won’t get as much attention as a game that someone made all their own custom stuff. CBG updates his starblast topic all the time, constantly, and it’s usually tweaks, bug fixes, new enemies, new bosses. We don’t always comment, unless we find something wrong, or something impressive. I almost never come in on anybody’s stuff, unless I have a reason to. Make your game into something that you would pay money for at a store, and you will get a lot more reactions from people. Just keep in mind, like I said, not a lot of people post in the forums unless they need help.


Have patience my friend.

Ignoring is the key to his exit door.

EDIT: Encouraging people to make better games in this forum is impossible. Only Luminous has accomplished this. I even remember when he started here as a noob and then grew very quickly. He became one of the good flowlab devs, such a miracle, guess it will never happen again.

So I tried the game, and I have no idea how to get the key. I collected all the fruit and coins.

You run into the keys. I use the fruits just to heal you but other wise they are supposed to be a decoy.

2nd of all it’s a partcore Pt.1 so it is not the only coming up.

I am thinking about doing 2 more of these game but much harder.

Still no one wants to play :(.


Again, theres like 6 active people on the forums half of which arent interested in playing games on here, only making them. If you want people to play it then youll have to post it somewhere else.

Ok then I am setting up a challenge

good game

Oh my gosh thx I was waiting for that comment First person to play it.