Player drifts after colliding with solid object

I know that this is because the player isn’t affected by gravity, but I don’t know how to fix it without breaking the movement.

@grazer @“The Kodex”

Oh, I know that problem. In “Ladder Example” by @grazer , he takes “Affected by gravity” off and still manages player movement to use a ladder. Take a peak in there (It is in “Help” section of Flowlab) to see how Grazer handled it.

@“The Kodex” woah that’s a lot of coding, I’ll try some of it out. Good thing I understand logic gates.

@“The Kodex” I’m not making a side scroller though. Does this apply to top down games?

I’m not actually sure, you should check with @grazer


Use a NOR gate for each 0 and use repeating Keyboard inputs.


@“JR 01” Thanks! I’ll try this out. Sorry for the late response.