Player Edit Saver

I want to make it so that Forge in all my games saves the player’s edits. Minecraft has an Allow block, so what if Flowlab had a feature that saved a player’s level edits (not object edits)?

These edits would save for that player and that player only, and only if they edited a level with an allow save toggled on. It could be a toggle that enables players to save their work.

Additionally, there could also be a downloadable/copy-pasteable code that people can use to share levels for certain games and also save their levels as well.


The thing is, is that the edits are saved in a list that adds with the seed.

What you want to do is get a string of numbers that represents every object in every spot, similar to Mario Maker. So you need a way to automatically save and load levels based on a string of numbers.

Honestly not sure if this would be better with numbers or a list, but it’s very well possible to do.
Maybe something like 00-00-00 in a list format could work. (type-x-y)


That sounds great! Will there be a feature for this we’ll have to see.

I doubt there will be a feature for this, but I would like to make an example later.




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