Player gets stuck in the floor

this is the most recent game I’m working on, and soemtimes, when the player lands, they clip through the floor and can’t move. can anyone see what’s wrong with the code? maybe the gravity is too high and it pushes the player into the floor?

it mostly happens in the boss room, if you swing your sword and jump a lot.


nothing is wrong it might be lag because when i played nothing happen but me playing the game

It took a while, but I was finally able to replicate it and I think I have a solution.
What I think is happening is that the player his hitting in the center between 2 floor blocks, letting the capsule shape slip through like sliding off of a wall.

This is ALSO why if you set a square collision shape on moving objects, they can randomly stop when moving on ground like this.


Make a single long platform as the floor.
I really recommend to make platforms in several sizes through your whole game (for example, look at Escape the Rewind) and stop these gaps / clips in the game.

Sometime next year, after the sprite editor update, Grazer has a plan to have the non-movable ground objects collision box merge with each other, making ground objects be like a single large object. That would overall solve all our ground issues that we have in Flowlab.

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That’d also help with lag, too; especially in open world 2.5D maps with large patches of the same floor blocks!

I was able to reproduce this fairly easily in the boss room just by jumping. @JR_01might be correct that the player is somehow squeezing “between” the blocks, but I think the issue is certainly made worse by these blocks in the “better run and jump” bundle:

[Always] -> [Number (-10)] -> [Motor (y)]

if I disconnect that, it seems to stop happening, so maybe the combination of a small collision shape and the extra downward force pushing down is enough to push the player down into the floor. Maybe try adding a raycast check to that motor so it only takes effect when you are a certain distance from the floor?


Thanks grazer! I’ll try that out.

also, i just realized that there’s a motor, and the player is affected by gravity. that might be the problem, because I’ve never had this happen before

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I have that issue in real life myself xD


Sorry for going off topic, but this needs a recognization. All I have to say is how? Lol.

Also I can’t think of anything that could help with this situation, but I keep having a similar issue where the player gets stuck on invisible walls and prevents the player from moving in a certain direction, not sure if its a bug or I did something wrong.

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