Playtest Bug

Screenshot 2020-02-12 at 2.16.43 PM

So I found a bug where when you hit the PLAY button on the edit menu to playtest your game, you sometimes get greeted with this lovely image. It’s a frozen image of my game and you cannot do anything about it. There is no fix and I can only restart my browser page to fix it.
This seems to happen on the second time I hit the play button. This is very annoying and slows down my workflow. Plz fix.

Just to clarify, you cannot move your player, interact, or do anything within the game. Also, trying to edit the game when the game is broken like this will result in an even more broken image. TL:DR, you cannot do anything and cannot fix it with the edit menu.

link please

Huh, seems to do this just on level 2.
Maybe it could be too many objects on screen or maybe after emitting?
idk, just make sure to click ok before pressing play on the menus.

Maybe something @grazer would need to look into.

@“Dihydrogen Monoxide” & @“JR 01” - I just deployed an update, and think this should be fixed now. Let me know if you are still seeing it.

Nice, its fixed

Let’s goooooo. I’m gonna test it. I guess I’m officially like FlowLab’s unofficial bug reporter man.